Grand Aras Student Dormitory
Lux & Dormitory
The Grand Aras Dorm student dormitory, Eastern Mediterranean University is based on a large area on the South campus, and the rooms are preferably designed for single and double occupancy. We have all kinds of facilities, market, cafeteria and laundry service. Our rooms are located on separate blocks. Our rooms do not look at the comfort of your home. Our preparatory school is 100 mt distance to 50 health sciences.
The common areas and all rooms in the dormitory buildings are cleaned routinely by the dormitory personnel. In the rooms, cleaning is done twice a week and a sheet change is made once a week. 24 hour security service is provided in the dormitory, Generator is installed against electricity cuts. There is hot and cold water for 24 hours. Optionally, a cooker and kettle will be provided.

There are security cameras in all the common areas and corridors. Health status of students residing in the dormitory will be monitored closely and they will be accommodated in the existing sick room in an emergency and will be referred to the hospital. All rooms have an air conditioning unit.
Guidance and counseling services are provided by our specialist staff. A home in the country has not been abstained from sacrifice to provide peace and security.

Aras Öğrenci Yurdu
Grand Aras Student Dormitory
Mission & Vision
Our mission is to provide students with the highest quality environment and contribute to their success in an effective university life and school for their future lives..
Our vision is to be the dormitory that provides the best opportunities for our students!